Welcome to our site. 

Our boards are categorized as follows: Retail, Collectible, and Gallery.

As to the former, we currently sell new stock purchased from a handful of companies, including Zero Skateboards, Good Skateboards, and Play Skateboards. We intend to add a couple more to the Retail list before the end of the year. 

We also sell Sk8ology products, which brings us to our second and third categories: Collectible and Gallery. The GFK Bar SB personal collection is comprised of the Collectible and Gallery boards. If there is a board you'd like to discuss, feel free to message us through the site, or email (info@gfkbar.com) or DM (@gfk_bar) us.


You are welcome to reach out to us for any reason--not only to see whether a particular board is available for sale. We are here primarily to celebrate skateboarding and are happy to have it in common with you.



GFK Bar SB Team