1. Name: Ryan Jolly

  2. DOB: July 19th

  3. Birthplace: Piqua, Ohio

  4. Current Residence: Botkins, Ohio

  5. Favorite Video: Foundation's Tentacles Of Destruction

  6. Current Setup: 

    1. Quasi 8.125" x 31.75";

    2. Standard Indy’s 139 mm;

    3. Spitfire F4 Conical Full 53 mm;

    4. Modus Titanium;

    5. Shortys Lights 7/8”; and

    6. Mob Grip.

  7. What Song Do You Want To Listen To Right Now: Thom Yorke's Harrowdown Hill

  8. Why: Because I just heard it, and I want to hear it again.

  9. Favorite Part: Anything Heath. For example, click here.

  10. Favorite Skate-Related Advertisement: Old Vision Street Wear clothing commercials with Gator, like this.

  11. Best Vacation Spot You’ve Been To: Maui

  12. Best And Worst Tricks: Impossible/Varial Heel

  13. Favorite Skateboarder Growing Up: Kris Markovich

  14. Favorite Skateboarder Now: Figgy

  15. Favorite Person You Don’t Know: Heath

  16. Favorite Band: fIREHOUSE

  17. Favorite Album: fROMOHIO

  18. Life Goal: Make sure my kids grow up to be better off than I am.

  19. Favorite Song: When Doves Cry

  20. Favorite Movie: Braveheart

  21. Other Interests: Photography and art. 

  22. Favorite Book: Of Mice And Men

  23. Favorite Charity: Boards for Bros

  24. U.S. State You Want To Visit: Arizona 

  25. Foreign Country You Want To Visit: Russia

  26. Raddest Skateboard Event You Went To: Zero Demo in Detroit in 2017

  27. Next Skate Event You’re Going To: Tampa Am

  28. Most Underrated Skateboarder: Steve Olson

  29. Favorite Animal: Owl 

  30. Toward The Top Of My Bucket List: Visit Ft. Lauderdale

  31. A Work Of Art That Helped You Through A Difficult Time In Your Life: Elliott Smith’s music

  32. GFK?: WHOOOOO!

  33. Something You Are Proud Of: My kids

  34. Something You Could (And/Or Should) Do But Haven’t Yet: Visit Ft. Lauderdale

  35. Are You Going To Do This: Yes. (I feel these questions are designated for me.)

  36. Something About You We Don’t Know: I have tattoos.