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Undoubtedly one of our favorite skateboarders, James Brockman. And, as it turns out, we aren't alone: Frank N. Furter showing @hyenaface love with the Brockman ink. James has been killing it for years. We know this because Dane Burman knows this: James' "Classics" New Blood part. Chief too: James' "Classics" Strange World part. Thanks for the stoke, Brockman. 

Thrasher's Classics page: click here.


Art inspiration: Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the main character from the 1975 cult-classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show (played by Tim Curry) is depicted on the bottom of the deck; the iconic red lips depicted on the top.


Note: This deck is rare; it has been discontinued.

Zero Skateboards: Brockman - Brocky Horror (Signed)

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