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Jamie Thomas knew what he was doing when he picked up Canadian-born Ryan Smith: Zero Skateboards: Dying to Live - Ryan Smith. ("The whole point of Classics is to revisit sick parts as well as introduce them to skaters who never saw them the first time. Ryan's footage has aged well and he's even gnarlier than we remember. Here's his part from the 2002 Zero vid." - Thraser Magazine). Smith went on to ride for Mystery Skateboards (Black Box Distribution). And his part from Black and White is too sick (spoiler alert: he skates to The Yardbirds): Mystery Skateboards: Black and White - Ryan Smith.


Art inspiration: The Queen of Hearts, a fictional character from the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, is a foul-tempered monarch whom Carroll himself describes as "a blind fury." The Queen is quick to give death sentences at the slightest offense.


Note: This item, which is part of a three-deck series, is extremely rare. It was manufactured by Black Box Distribution, which went out of business. Mystery Skateboards is currently owned and operated by another entity.

Mystery: Ryan Smith - Wonderland

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