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Our in-house counsel attended college and law school in Pittsburgh, Pa. and went on to work there for five years, before relocating to the south Florida area. Some friends of his from the Pittsburgh area (Da Burgh and Butler, Pa., to be specific) started a new company, "Play Skateboarding, LLC" relatively recently, and we are very excited to be selling their products. 


"Play's aesthetic is a mix of 90s skateboarding, old motorcycles, scars, blood, and marginalia." And, to date, every deck that Play has put out is not only great to skate but also great to hang on the wall, before or after it's been skated. In fact, since we gripped one, we haven't skated anything else. Keep up the good work, gentlemen.


Follow them, please: Play Skate. #412 #724 #blackandyellow #thecomeup


For purchase information, please contact a sales associate at The Wynwood Shop or email us at or

Play: Team - Ed

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