1. Name: Matthew R. Wendler

  2. DOB: March 4th 

  3. Birthplace: La Jolla, California

  4. Current Residence: Broward County, Florida

  5. Favorite Video: Toy Machine’s Welcome To Hell

  6. Current Setup: 

    1. Play 8.25” Alex Moul Guest Model;

    2. Thunder 147s;

    3. Spitfire (Provost) 52 mm;

    4. Bones Swiss;

    5. Indy 1” Cross Bolts (Red); and

    6. Shake Junt OG Grip.

  7. What Song Do You Want To Listen To Right Now: Sublime: Same In The End

  8. Why: I’m listening to it now, and I’m going to listen to it again when it’s done. Almost all of my favorite songs are too short. [UPDATE: Never mind; I forgot that April 29, 1992 (Miami) followed Same In The End.]

  9. Favorite Part: The Chief in Welcome To Hell (beating out Jeremy Wray’s Second Hand Smoke part--but not by much)

  10. Favorite Skate-Related Advertisement: “You should buy Toy Machine, you god-damned hippy.” Ed Templeton

  11. Best Vacation Spot You’ve Been To: Key West, Florida

  12. Best And Worst Tricks: Best: feeble grind; worst: I hate doing kickflips (but love watching people do them a whole hell of a lot better than I can do them).

  13. Favorite Skateboarder Growing Up: Jamie Thomas

  14. Favorite Skateboarder Now: Hard to say. Off the top of my head, Luan or Adam Arunski.

  15. Favorite Person You Don’t Know: Obama

  16. Favorite Band: Misfits

  17. Favorite Album: Nirvana: MTV Unplugged in New York 

  18. Life Goal: Do more for people than people have done for me.

  19. Favorite Song: Tough one. At the moment, I'm thinking Rush's The Trees

  20. Favorite Movie: Fight Club, My Cousin Vinny, or Dark Knight Rises.  

  21. Other Interests: I like to run and to watch movies.  

  22. Favorite Book: Francis Barry McCarthy is the only professor I had who made the textbook. Some professors made you buy expensive books they authored. FBM, however, put together a bunch of constitutional criminal procedure cases for us in some haggared DIY-looking kit. Sadly, he passed away on October 30, 2018. Hope his family and friends are doing well. Thanks for everything, Professor. 

  23. Favorite Charity: Hard to say. Probably the ASCPA.

  24. U.S. State You Want To Visit: Washington

  25. Foreign Country You Want To Visit: Brazil

  26. Raddest Skateboard Event You Went To: I went to a bunch when I was younger. Saw Birdhouse a few times. Probably the Birdhouse demo at Charm City Skatepark. Tony Hawk, Willy Santos, Paul Zitzer, Bucky Lasek, and The Boss were there. Reynolds gave zero shits about skating what was set up. He was practicing fakie tres in the parking lot 25 yards away from everything else. During the product toss, I caught some 58-mm wheels from Willy and a shirt from Zitzer. Thanks, guys!

  27. Next Skate Event You’re Going To: Tampa Am.

  28. Most Underrated Skateboarder: I don’t know if it’s fair to say that he’s underrated, but I think it’s absurd that Dane Burman doesn’t have a signature shoe, signature wheel, or signature truck. It frustrates me that many skateboarders do not get the support they deserve.

  29. Favorite Animal: I like turtles. 

  30. Toward The Top Of My Bucket List: I’d like to go to Australia. Had to decide between going there or to Tokyo in school. Chose the latter. Tokyo is super, super rad, but I need to make it to Australia. STAT.

  31. A Work Of Art That Helped You Through A Difficult Time In Your Life: Interpol’s PDA. Strutang skates to it. Toward the end of the song, Paul Banks sings, “Something to say” | “Something to do” | “Nothing to say” | “When there’s nothing to do.” But I thought previously that he was singing, “Nothing else to say, nothing else to do.” I was dwelling on a breakup, losing sleep, etc. Then when I heard these lyrics, it all made sense to me: There was nothing else to say or do. It is what it is. Move on, dude.

  32. GFK?: What I want most out of this is to educate people about skateboarding and to share the love of skateboarding with those who are as passionate about it as I am. Most people don’t want to talk to me about Ricky Oyola’s part in EE3, or the fact that the El Toro 20 recently underwent some changes. Skateboarders bust their asses: day in and day out. Yet not all of them have health insurance, even though their health is the asset that they need to continue to move forward. Maybe the Olympics will change things. Regardless, we will do our best to do our part.

  33. Something You Are Proud Of: That’s a tough one. I can’t think of anything at the moment.

  34. Something You Could (And/Or Should) Do But Haven’t Yet: I’ve done some pro bono work but I haven’t done enough.

  35. Are You Going To Do This: Yes. I have some ideas. Going to get started soon.

  36. Something About You We Don’t Know: I majored in Economics and Psychology and would like to get my Ph.D. in the latter, one day.


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