Matt Mumford (born 6 April 1974) is an Australian professional skateboarder


Mumford was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and grew up in RockhamptonQueensland, Australia.

Mumford first gained attention when photographed by J Grant Brittain while skateboarding in his local area; at the time, Brittain was on tour with Mike McGill. Mumford later traveled to the United States (US) in 1993 to pursue a skateboarding career and was initially sponsored by McGill's Chapter 7 brand (later renamed "Shaft"), before moving to Invisible Skateboards.

Mumford was then asked by professional skateboarder Jamie Thomas to join a new brand at the time, Zero Skateboards, in 1996.

Following Mumford's sponsorship deal with the Globe shoe company, he released signature shoe models named "Mumford" (2003)[3] and "The Alter".[4] Mumford was featured on the cover of Thrasher Magazine in March 2004 performing the "crail slide" skateboard trick.

Following a brief stint with the now-defunct Adio shoe brand, Mumford was then recruited by the Supra footwear brand and joined team members such as Erik Ellington and Jim Greco.[6] Mumford released a shoe model as part of Supra's Vaider low pack in 2011.

As of November 2013, Mumford is sponsored by Slave, Supra, Theeve Trucks, Bones Wheels and Shake Junt.


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Thrasher Magazine Cover: Matt Mumford – Crail Slide. Photo: Burnett