1. Name: Douglas Leighton

  2. DOB: December 30th

  3. Birthplace: Indiana

  4. Current Residence: Indiana

  5. Favorite Video: Almost's Cheese and Crackers

  6. Current Setup: 

    1. Zero 8.25";

    2. Thunder 147s;

    3. Bones, baby, Bones;

    4. Reds;

    5. Regal Hardware; and

    6. Mob Grip.

  7. What Song Do You Want To Listen To Right Now: "I Got Nothing" by Ope, Pardon Me

  8. Why: It's a local band featuring a friend of mine; they make good tunes.

  9. Favorite Part: Chris Haslam in Cheese and Crackers

  10. Favorite Skate-Related Advertisement: Does a gif count? I remember watching this nollie full-cab flip gif with my buddy Spencer over a decade ago. Flawless and it's forever in my brain.

  11. Best Vacation Spot You’ve Been To: Huntington Beach!

  12. Best And Worst Tricks: My best trick: kickflip probably. My worst trick: switch kickflip (anyone who has skated with me can attest to that).

  13. Favorite Skateboarder Growing Up: Chris Cole

  14. Favorite Skateboarder Now: Donovan Strain

  15. Favorite Person You Don’t Know: Izuku Midorya

  16. Favorite Band: Neck Deep

  17. Favorite Album: Dance Gavin Dance's Artificial Selection or Neck Deep's The Peace And The Panic

  18. Life Goal: Keep skateboarding in my life forever

  19. Favorite Song: This is so hard. Ummm. Jejune Stars.

  20. Favorite Movie: Hmmm. 

  21. Other Interests: I like my Honda Civic Si a lot. 

  22. Favorite Book: A Series of Unfortunate Events

  23. Favorite Charity: Boards for Bros

  24. U.S. State You Want To Visit: California, again

  25. Foreign Country You Want To Visit: Spain

  26. Raddest Skateboard Event You Went To: Zero demo/board release in LA with my friends

  27. Next Skate Event You’re Going To: TBD

  28. Most Underrated Skateboarder: If I could choose anyone, Devlyn Henderson,  a friend of mine. He progresses more than anyone I've seen every time he skates.

  29. Favorite Animal: Let me follow up with you on that.

  30. Toward The Top Of My Bucket List: Visiting Barcelona!

  31. A Work Of Art That Helped You Through A Difficult Time In Your Life: A lot of music, and skateboarding. Skateboarding is absolutely an art.

  32. GFK?: So far, so good. 

  33. Something You Are Proud Of:  Me. I've overcome a lot over the past year and a half.

  34. Something You Could (And/Or Should) Do But Haven’t Yet: Get my first tattoo.

  35. Are You Going To Do This: Yeah, I want to.

  36. Something About You We Don’t Know: Mi novia fue hecha en Mexico.